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Astra is an imaginative journey into space through music, dance and contemporary circus. Our journey in space is full of surprises. We explore different planets and meet alien creatures. What happens in a black hole?


The lighting and sound design are seamlessly combined with the stage events and the magical, partly live music. After the performance, there is a possibility for an optional workshop, where audience has the opportunity to try out the techniques such as acrobatics, juggling and body music in a workshop led by the artists.



Dancer / circus performer: Amandine Doat
Circus performer: Juha-Matti Eskelinen
Musician/composer: Tomas Takolander
Light designer: Eero Alava


Age recommendation: 5-12v
Duration: n. 40 min
Duration of the workshop: 15-20 min

Premier: Annantalo 2019

On tour:

Nukketatteri Sampo 18.3.2023 klo 17 ja 19.3. klo 14

Taidetehdas, Porvoo: 28.3. klo 12 ja 29.3. klo 9 & 10.30

Production: Ko-kollektiivi

Work group: Cirque des Puces


Images: Raili Takolander

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