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The movement and structure of ballroom dance in the context of contemporary dance. The performance represents ballroomdanceactivims. It stretches ballroom dancing by rearranging its duration, concepts and aesthetics.

Baaallrooomdaaance offers a humorous approach that breaks the rules related to competitive dancing and plays with it's pursuit of perfection. Sanna Hento's solo brings to light the role of a woman  in competitive dancing and turns it upside down.

Choreography: Satu Aavanranta (formerly Tuomisto) and Sanna Hento
Dance: Sanna Hento

Sound design: Satu Aavanranta and Sanna Hento

Initial text: Satu Aavanranta and Sanna Hento

Reader of the initial text: Erik Hento
Durance: noin 55 min
Production: Ko-kollektiivi
Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the city of Helsinki




27.10.2023 at 19 Kulttuurikeskus Stoa (premier)
28.10.2023 at 19 Kulttuurikeskus Stoa

29.10.2023 at 15 Kulttuurikeskus Stoa (meeting with the artists after the performance)


On tour:

19.-20.11. Tanssikuu-festival, Pori

20231027 Sanna Hento Stoa tanssiesitys valitut-5.jpg

Images: Juha Nurmi

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