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CITY throws itself into the urban environment and explores the relationship between human and the city through the art of dance.

CITY is performed in an urban environment, in its rhythm and under its conditions. The performance meets the public during rush hour. It surprises its viewers and gives the opportunity to experience art where the viewer moves at any given time.

CITY is surprises, it is an encounter, it is presence and co-operation in the rhythm of the city.

There are no tickets for the performances and exact times are not announced in advance. One doesn't come to see the show on purpose, but you see it by chance and unexpectedly.


Dance: Amandine Doat, Sanna Hento

Choreography: Satu Tuomisto

Light- and sound design: city
Live music: Otso Aavanranta
Setting: city


7.8.2023 Tampere, Pyynikinrinne (premier)
8.8.2023 Tampere, Hämeenkatu
9.8.2023 Tampere, Hämeenpuisto

11.8.2023 Helsinki, Sörnäistenranta

31.8.2023 Espoo, Rantaraitti


Duration: about 60 min

Supported by Wihuri Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the city of Helsinki



Photos and video: Satu Tuomisto

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