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Elämäni tanssi

(Dance of my life)

 We worked on the project together with 60-75 year old senior dancers every week for half a year.The group consisted of a total of 17 people, of which nine are women and eight are men. As the population ages, the number of senior members wishing to dance has also grown. 

During the project we wrote a guideline for dance teachers planning to work with senior citizens. The aim of the guideline is to provide the tools to interact with an aging but yet mobile person as a dancestudent and how age-related issues should be factored in when leading workshops for seniormembers, as well as how to create a safe and supportive environment for the sessions.


The project also included a dance film that we made with the senior group. The film premiered inthe spring of 2021.


Satu Tuomisto and Sanna Hento


Workshop teachers:
Sanna Hento and Erik Hento


Aija Soikkeli

Jukka Soikkeli

Eija Karikivi

Reijo Karikivi 

Hilkka Laitala

Jukka Laitala

Jaana Leinonen 

Yrjö Leinonen 

Onerva Anttila



Satu Tuomisto and Sanna Hento


Sound design:
Emeline Jouvencel

Amandine Doat





Filmed during summer 2020

Published 1.4.2021



Tanssitaiteen kannatusyhdistys ry


Supported by:

Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Helsinki City

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