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Dididot ja
kikattava keho

(Dididot and a giggling body)

Imagine one hand doing what it wants and the other hand also doing what it wants. Add a rebellious leg and a giggling body and you have a situation where every part of the body is simultaneously doing what they want! This complicates hilariously the life of the wonderful clown Dididot.


Dididot uses heeps of energy to tame her wild body. There are plenty of surprises to be discovered!


In this humorous solo Amandine Doat embodies the freshness of childhood through dance and mime. The performance is about the wonderful human body, which grows, changes, sometimes plays tricks, and which you have to get to know patiently bit by bit.

Performer: Amandine Doat

Concept: Ko-kollektiivi, Jean-Marie Doat and

Cecile Guillot-Doat

Clowning coach: Taina Mäki-Iso

Thank you: Jesse Ojajärvi


Age recommendation: for the whole family

Duration 35 min.


12.6.2023 Annantalo at 10.30 and at 15.30 (including workshop)

20.5.2023 Lastenkulttuurikeskus Pessi, Vantaa at 11 and at 13

11.3. 2023 Annantalo at 12 and at 14

1.3.2023 Ruukin koulu, Loviisa

17.2.2023 Hamina

9.2.2023 Harjurinteen koulu, Loviisa

19.11.2022 at 14 Annantalo, Helsinki (premier)

17.11.2022 Annantalo (2 performances for students)

17.11.2022 Daycare in Loviisa


Images: Riku Kantola

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