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Ko-kollektiivi is an artistic community,

based in Helsinki and founded by dance artists.

Ko-kollektiivi combines artistic reverie with academic

research and produces creative, utopian and
natural solutions.

The group’s activities concentrate on

contemporary dance with a passion for

embodied re-thinking.


is run by dance artists

Satu.jpg_kuva_Xavier Bambu Vandenberghe.jpg

Satu Aavanranta (former Tuomisto) is a contemporary dance choreographer, graduated in London in 2000.

Her work has been presented in the UK, Colombia, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Holland, and in Finland at Stoa, Finnish National Ballet, Kiasma, Full Moon Dance Festival, Zodiak – Center for New Dance and Oulu City Theatre amongst others.

In 2011 – 2013 she was the Artistic Director at JoJo – Oulu Dance Center.

Her dance piece Vimmaa (Frenzy) won the First Prize at 638 Kilo Tanz
Festival in Germany in 2012. Satu Aavanranta received a five-year-Artist Grant from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland in 2014.

Sanna.jpg_kuva_ Xavier Bambu Vandenberghe.jpg

Sanna Hento is a dancer, dance artist and dance teacher based in Espoo.

She has worked as a dancer in Burn the Floor world tour 1999-2000

(Europe, the United States and Australia ), Hämeenlinna City Theater,

Valkeakoski summer theater, TTT-Theater (Tampere) and

the Finnish National Opera. She has completed dance teacher

examinations off the Finnish Dance Teachers´ Association STOL ry and the International Dance Teacher Association. Hento is the co-author of
the book ”Tanssin taituriksi” and she is one of the founders of Tanssistudio TanssiBuumi.


Satu Aavanranta & Sanna Hento

Ko-kollektiivi is managed by Tanssitaiteen kannatusyhdistys ry.


Ko-kollektiivi is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland with an operations grant and by the City of Helsinki with a grant for permanent creative activities.


Ko-kollektiivi’s activities include premieres, tours, events, workshops and development projects.

Our guiding values are

creativity, bold but considered

collaboration, sustainability and love.

The name Ko-kollektiivi is both a reference to the Latin prefix “co”

as well as the Finnish suffix “ko”. Etymologically, the prefix “co” means “with” and “together” and the prefix is used in Germanic languages nowadays.

The suffix “ko” alludes to a question in Finnish language. Collaboration and challenging ideas are a reflection of Ko-kollektiivi’s core activities. 

Ko-kollektiivi’s mission is to enable people to experience dance in their everyday lives. Our work is based on breaking down the barriers between dance and the public.



A soloperformance that stretchis ballroomdancing.



A performance in co-operation with the city environment.


Middle age

A performance about middle age as a multi-level transitional phase in a person's life. In collaboration with Pyhäsalmi Tanssi ry and Impïria Art Scene.

Pahuus on hiipinyt Parikkalaan

Evil has crept into Parikkala

Mariska - official music video

Kuva 9.10.2023 klo 17.51.jpg

Deck of Dance Cards

A participative dance performance carried out with the help of dance task cards together with children.

Dididot ja kikattava keho

Dididot and a giggling body

A performance for the whole family, combining dance and clowning.


A performance combining spatial art, circus, dance and sound art. In collaboration with Loviisan Taiteen Tukiyhdistys ry and Art in Lov Residence.


An imaginative journey into space through music, dance and contemporary circus.


In collaboration with Cirque des Puces.

Nimetön suunn.malli(3).png

Footprints in the snow

Dance film made in collaboration

with senior dancers.


Home Appliance Jam

A play performance for 2-3 year olds combining dance and media art. In collaboration with Lastenkulttuurikeskus Pessi.

Elämäni Tanssi

Dance of my life

Dance art project for aging people. The project includes a dance film and written instructions based on the project for dance teachers working with senior citizens.

Coming up next:

2024: Helsinki näyttämönä (Helsinki as a stage) - a performance that uses the whole Helsinki as stage.

2026: Suomi näyttämönä (Finland as a stage) - a performace that dances 1500 km from Helsinki to Utsjoki.


Background photo: Jouni Aslak
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